3D WFS sound installation

The WFS antenna is made up of 56 loudspeakers

Aléa is a sound installation in 3D. Aléa is improvised and played by Logelloop in real time. The partition forms by several scripts  during an hour tells to the computer the sound environment that it must create. For this, it takes existing sounds, and plays them by applying random parameters (occurrence, height, speed, position in space…). Since the interpretation is in the form of a computer improvisation, the sound events are never reproduced identically. Aléa is a 3D sound system (WFS – Wave filed synthesis). This means that with 56 speakers, the sounds are projected into space to produce holophones.



The basic sound elements are :

  • Texts extracted from Traité des objets musicaux (Pierre Schaeffer)
  • Mouth noises
  • Bandoneon notes
  • Sounds of gamelan
  • Church bell of the Faou (29)

Logelloop WFS interface

Text : « Let’s begin by observing that it makes it virtually impossible not to exercise selection in what I hear. The background sound is not first; It is only such in an organized whole where it does have this role. As long as I am busy with what I look at, what I think or what I do, I actually live in an undifferentiated environment, perceiving only a global quality. But if I remain motionless, my eyes closed, my mind vacant, it is very probable that I would not maintain an impartial listening for more than a moment. I place the noises, I separate them into noises near or far, coming from outside or inside the room, and inevitably, I begin to privilege one against the other. ». Pierre Schaeffer, extract of Traité des objets musicaux, 1966.

Philippe Ollivier : Design, production, composition and computer programming
Mael Bellec : Manufacture of electronic components of the audio system
Christophe Baratay : computer programming
Antoine Massot : Design of acoustic loudspeakers and optimization of 3D WFS
Rozenn Nicol : Advise for the 3D WFS
Production : Philippe Ollivier / Fur Ha Foll / Le Logelloù

With the support of :

  • Région Bretagne
  • Conseil Général des Côtes d’Armor