Solo bandonion

After more than twenty years trying to tame this amazing instrument that is the bandoneon, and which eventually replaced my original instrument, the

There is no question of playing tango, it is not my world and others do it perfectly. If the bandoneon is the instrument of the tango, it is also an ideal instrument for the composition, associating certain trumps of the piano and the accordion, with a magnificent sound, suppleness and lightness in addition!

This program consists of pieces originally composed to be sung, to support a dance or a circus play, a film… Sometimes, it was simply a matter of writing a piece to share an emotion with the bandoneon. This repertoire is constantly evolving and shows my encounter with the bandoneon and my way of appropriating it to me.

This acoustic bandoneon solo has already been played in very different places, in a theater, on a boat, in a garden, in a monastery, in a forest, and I would be happy to go play it in your place. Wherever it is!


Philippe Ollivier : Bandonion & Composition…

Duration : 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes (in one or more parts)

Solo bandonion in a church


  1. Despois

    Magnifique concert solo, à Penvenan , lors du concert avec Gilda Moal.
    Vraiment magique. Merci

    • admin-p-ollivier

      Merci ! J’ai également un bon souvenir de ce concert, presqu’à domicile pour moi… Votre commentaire me touche vraiment, merci.

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