Marthe Vassallo
Voice, texts

Philippe Ollivier
Bandoneon, Accordions, Samples…

Bugel Koar (« The wax child », The bewitching doll) was born in 1997. Traditional Breton musicians and eclectic artists, Marthe Vassallo and Philippe Ollivier bring the lessons of very miscellaneous experiences : Marthe, one of the Greatest voice of the current Breton’s scene participates in all kinds of meetings between Breton music and world music, jazz or rock, and leads a double life of lyric singer. Philippe combines his experience as a musician with a solid experience as a sound engineer.


Breton music? Yes, indeed. More than everything is a magical, overwhelming and crazy music. By integrating naturally into a universe of original compositions, which is more visceral and communicative in tradition, Marthe Vassallo and Philippe Ollivier, under the banner of Bugel Koar, add a fantasy and an unusual passion. Common booty of fifteen years of adventures all over the place.

They were seen staged in shows where they invented a musical theater of their own; Around the album “Nebaon! “(An Naer Produksion), their second, they return to the ‘simple concert’, and everything is allowed : samples and instruments tinkered, confidences, humor pince-sans-rire, improvisations musical and dances, program according to the mood of the day… Expect to crush a tear at the death of an unknown shepherdess, to sing the St. Vincent round at night, to claim the right to be happy in spite of the merchants of fear …

Here, no seagulls on the moor in the shade of menhirs in bloom. Bugel Koar sings in Breton as others sing in English, French or Wolof : to tell the world, love, flesh, need and fear, happiness that hurts, sadness that heals, laughter which washes.