Logelloop is a real-time multi-channel looper that records sound overlays in different tracks.

I develop it in collaboration with Christophe Baratay and uses it mainly to compose my music or in projects like OstinatO or Toco la Toccata. This software is available for sale on www.logelloop.com.

This looper has all the basic functions of a professional looper : Record, Overdub, Multiply, Nextloop (A, B, C), Mute, Fade, Copy, Undo, Restart, etc. To these functions are added a lot of more complex functions allowed by a very powerful scripts editor who give direct access to all the functionalities of the software.

Each track of the looper allows special transformations of the sound (pitch, speed, effects, spatialization, etc.). It is of course also possible to erase or mute each sound event independently, or to save / load the sounds from the hard disk.

All controls can be made using MIDI (note, ctl, pgm change), OSC (Open Sound Control), using the computer keyboard or using Scripts. As a result, Logelloop is ideal for people playing a musical instrument while triggering effects, for use in music band or even artistic installations. Each setting can be stored in scene memories. These memories can be recalled directly or with interpolated transition (a sort of crossfade from the previous setting to the next one). These memories can be loaded into an arranger to be recalled successively during the concert.

Logelloop can record mono or stereo loops, mix them in stereo, routed in multitrack mode (each track outputs independently on an output of the sound card) or spatialize the sounds on up to 9 speakers. The bass component (LFE) can be routed to a specific output of the sound card.

Logelloop 4 includes new features like a Slicer, which allows you to cut, instantly loop the loops while changing parameters such as pitch, speed and playback direction, panning, volume, aux, and so on. A global LFO, Inserts, etc.

Logelloop comes with a large number of FXs : native convolution reverb, delay, pitch, distortion, etc. As well as a granular synthetic arpeggiator (Granulaterre). Max users can load their own patches into Logelloop. These patches can communicate with all the functions of Logelloop as well as with the scripts. Of course, it is also possible to use VST or Audio Units plug-ins in Logelloop.