SetUp is a piece about building and its opposites; the processes of forgetting and decaying. It consists of independent scenes that approach the subject from different angles. The dance and music are both present as an equal form of art.


dsc_6389_net-philippe-ollivierSetUp is influenced by the tension that occurs when the man is trying to build, control and create something lasting. Yet few buildings, cultures or communities last through the time – in the big scale entropy slowly drives
everything apart. The piece asks if this hopeless fight against scattering and cooling down could also be important and beautiful.


This collaboration originates with a circus and dance festival in Monthelon in France during the summer in 2010. Saku and Laura Koistinen with Philippe Ollivier made an improvisation performance at the festival club. Since this experience was uplifting for everyone involved, they decided to work together one day.

The premiere of SetUp was the 22nd of February 2017 in Barker Theatre in Turku. The first public showing took place in Logellou in Penvenan the 13th November 2016.


I like fresh and physical dance performances, in which the movement is addictive. Saku Koistinen’s SetUp is like that in it’s purest form!”
Suvi Satama / Turun Sanomat 24.2.2017


“The presence of Philippe Ollivier work is a piece of diamond. He lives and facial expressions that the gestures involved in the movement and plays magnificently bandoneon. Also, a recorded sound world Ollivier delicately combines the live call. Music is not only sturdy work movement elements, but it is as important as the dance.”
Suvi Satama / Turun Sanomat 24.2.2017


The artists :

Saku Koistinen : Choreography and dance
Laura Koistinen : Choreographic assistant, dance
Philippe Ollivier : Music, composing and performing


SetUp is supported by : Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, the Barker Theatre / Turku  and the Logelloù / Penvenan.