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Philippe Ollivier
Bandoneon, Accordion, Samples, Composition…
Yannick Jory
Saxophons, Samples, Composition…

Pascal Rueff
Artistic advice and external look
Laurance Henry
Guillaume Roudot
Metal Furniture


Take place on the stage, for this concert you are in the heart of the sound, the musicians are near you and the loudspeakers around. Sit peacefullly, make yourself feel comfortable, as long as the music arises, that settles this heady OstinatO. The music, so troubling by its extreme slowness in the first moments, will see its tempi accelerate gradually. It does not fit into any type of music, music of and for the imaginary, contemporary sound sculpture, impressionist and always melodic. You will hear the music coming and going, the effects mingling with the sounds produced in live, in an amazing and inventive concert that will leave you dreamy.


Production : Fur ha Foll / Le Logelloù

Coproduction : ODDC, In partnership with the cities of Saint-Brieuc and Penvénan.
With the support of : Conseil Général des Côtes d’Armor and Conseil Régional de Bretagne.