The Carlonéon travelling cinema resumes to bring you films from the itinerant cinema of the 1920s. Philippe OLLIVIER, bandonion player and master of sound effects, has in store an electrOacoustic musical universe played for surrealistic or peculiar films. Within the intimacy of this miniature film-show-concert, the contemporary spirit of a CHIEN ANDALOU appears alongside the magic of Méliès and the burlesque of a porn-film from the roaring twenties. We would be happy to share some sessions of this spectacle with you.

Philippe Ollivier : the carlonéonist (Music, Bandoneon & sound effects)
Camille Simon : Mademoiselle Jeanne
Guillaume Roudot : Scenography and Construction
Cécile Pélletier : Costume Designer
Anne-Marie Ollivier : Dressmaker
Danielle Le Pierres et Christophe Lelarge : advise
Camille Kerdellant : Actor Direction

The Carloneon by night

The movies showed in the Carloneon are :

  • An Andalusian dog, surrealist film by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali (1928, from 16 years old people, duration 20 minutes). Seeing differently, considering the cinema in a non-narrative way, that’s what Bunuel and Dali seem to offer us. This film is a masterpiece not to be missed under any circumstances. The images are strong. The acting is powerful. The music of the carlonéoniste, is acoustic and narrative, contemporary but realistic, it suits perfectly to the pictures and follow the actors in every movement… This music offers us a sensitive reading of the film. An Andalusian dog is to discover or rediscover in the Carloneon!


  • Nosferatu, expressionist movie by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (1922, from 12 years old people, extract of a duration of 10 minutes). Nosferatu is the faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Murnau, uses the light, the shadows and the contrasts to make a great classic movie of the cinema of terror. The music of Philippe OLLIVIER, inspired by this slowness punctuated by deadly breathing, reveals a vampire film as beautiful as a choreographic ballet.
  • 2 films by Georges Méliès, The island of Calypso (1905) and the fall of 5 floors (1906), from 5 years old people, the session lasts about 10 minutes. Méliès was the first storyteller of the cinema. There is a lot of special effects or diversions of everyday objects present in these two films to create images liked by the Dadaists or the surrealists. The musical accompaniment, partly based on sound effects and onomatopoeia, here flirts with burlesque.

  • Vormittagsspuk, or “Ghosts before breakfast” by Hans Richter (1928, from 5 years old people, duration 10 minutes). A Dadaist film that talks about the revolt of everyday objects. The bandoneon plays here some crazy ostinati or some new breton musics that accompany the dadas dances of the characters and objects of the film.
  • La Caravane Passe, 2 erotic movies from the 1920s (For adults, duration 20 minutes). Porn as never seen! They lacked only burlesque music, it’s done. Prudes will find historical reference, intellectuals will find material to laugh, others simply feast. An all-public proposition … The only condition is to be an adult!


Le Carlonéon au moulin de Blanchardeau

The Carloneon was producteur by Fur ha Foll / Sal al Logelloù with the help of Amphy Audiovisuel de Lannion(22), of Sonj, and with the help of Région Bretagne, département des Côtes d’Armor, and DRAC of Bretagne.