The sound space is an ark. There is a tube tree, 9 automatic bells, 6 speakers on the floor, 4 suspended speakers driven by motors, one distant speaker, another for bass and several small lights.

Let your mind wander in the organic sound, which touches the deepest part of the body, which astonishes or cradles. Choose static listening, nestled in the cushions, or prefer the movement and walk your ears from one sound source to another. The sounds of the tubes are enveloped by their transgender echoes, water bubbles, reminiscences of bandoneon or sounds of everyday objects.

There is also a children’s show version of Tubulus


Philippe Ollivier : Design, Music, Computer programming

Yohan Nicol : metallic construction
Laurent Poulain : light designer
Mael Bellec : custom electronics
Guillaume Roudot : metallic construction
Pierre Fleurence : custom electronics, programmation
Laurent Petereau : custom light construction
Christophe Baratay : computer programming

All the sounds of Tubulus sound installation were made with Logelloop

Audience : Everyone from 3 months
Sound system in dodecaphony
Duration : 20 mn (in loop without begin and end)

Production : Philippe Ollivier / Fur ha Foll – Le Logelloù

With support of : Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Bretagne, Département des Côtes-d’Armor, itinéraires Bis, Le Petit Echo de la Mode Châtelaudren