Philippe Ollivier composes from his bandoneon and Logelloop. The dialogue between the acoustic instrument and electronics allows him to create his very own language, in constant evolution.

Driven by a broad artistic curiosity, the composer also engages in a visual arts research (photography and video-mapping), questionning the relationship between sound and image. His work is enriched by collaborations with circus, theater and contemporary dance.

He likes to invest natural spaces or unexpected places and respond to the impulses of their own music. His creations question our relationship to time and seek to bring about social as well as aesthetic decompartmentalization.

Philippe Ollivier is also the artistic director of Logelloù, a place for musical creation in the Côtes d’Armor region and, with Christophe Baratay, the designer of Logelloop.

– – – – –


• Création de la musique du spectacle SLAP! (danse et musique) pour le chorégraphe Finlandais Saku Koistinen (5 semaines de résidence en Finlande – Avril et Mai)

• Prémices de la création Way Far (danse et musique) avec le chorégraphe Serge Ambert – Cie Alentours Reveurs

• Reprise du duo Bugel Koar avec la chanteuse Marthe Vassallo (et quelques concerts en 2023)

• Création du spectacle de poésie et musique avec Clarisse Bailleul

• Master class et Concert en double plateau avec la compositrice Christine Groult au conservatoire de musique électroacoustique de Reims (co-organisation Césaré)

• Animation d’un atelier d’improvisation électroacoustique avec les jeunes élèves de l’école de musique de Plérin (suivi d’un concert)

• Conception et développement de fonctions pour Logelloop 6 (Sortie en janvier 2024)


• Création de Danse Tellurique, un concert pour 48 haut-parleurs couchés (Aide à l’écriture d’œuvre musicale originale du Ministère de la Culture)

• Octobre 2022 (3 semaines) – Tournée aux USA avec Toco la Toccata – Iowa, San Jose, Santa Cruz, New York, Providence

• Création avec Noëlle Deffontaines de l’exposition photo KorFolium (projet Au bord d’un monde)

• Création avec Noëlle Deffontaines du coffret photo KorFolium contenant un CD et 22 photos

• Création de l’Ormeau, Orchestre Régional de Musique ElectroAcoUstique au Logelloù

• Conseil sur la mise en son et la programmation du spectacle ma Louve Cie juste avant l’oubli.

• Intervention auprès de la Kreiz Breizh Akademi #9 – électroacoustique temps réel avec Logelloop

• Conception et développement de fonctions pour Logelloop 6 (Sortie en janvier 2024)


– Creation of the polymorphic show Au Bord d’un monde with Noëlle Deffontaines: show, outdoor performance, PhotoSonore installation, photographic exhibition

– Recording, mixing and realization of the CD Au Bord d’un monde, published by the Logelloù

– Premises of a new creation presented at the Yaudet, in Ploulec’h, within the framework of a sound journey around the last creation of Christine Groult, Eaux mêlées, with Lê Quan Ninh, Alexandre Chanoine, Benjamin Dousteyssier.

– Resumption of the Duo Ollivier / Jory Akoustik tour

– Design and development of functions for Logelloop 5.5.1


• Creation of a sound nap

• Design of the show Au bord d’un monde with Noëlle Deffontaines (création 2021)

• Design and development of new functions for Logelloop 5.5


Des mots et des murs creation with Julien Simon. Binaural Sound and musical creation

• Creation of the KorFolium exhibition with Noëlle Deffontaines

• Creation of the eKor show with Noëlle Deffontaines

• Creation of the show OreKosm with Noëlle Deffontaines

• Concert Toco la Toccata and presentation of Logelloop at  Cycling Expo 2019 – USA


• Creation of the Tubulus show for bandoneon and Logelloop for a young audience.

• Creation of the Tubulus sound installation

• Creation of a concert in duet bandoneon/accordion with Solene Normant

• Toco la Toccata Tour in Mexico


• Creation of the SetUp show in Turku (Finland) with Finnish choreographer Saku Koistinen

• Staging of the Oficina Digital show by Jean-Luc Thomas

• Musical advice on the creation  Les DodosCie le P’tit Cirk

• Composition of the music of the Tubulus show for bandonion and Logelloop

• Concert and presentation of Logelloop 4.8 at the Paris Spring Loops Festival 2017

• Participation at TEDx de Saint-Brieuc


• Composition of Setup music in collaboration with Finnish choreographer Saku Koistinen

• Composition of the music of the song Liv Mud for the  Krismenn‘s CD S’habituer à l’obscurité – ‘N om gustumiñ deus an deñvalijenn

• Artistic advice and participation in the production of Casares de Roxina Trio

• Photographs for P’tit Cirk’s Eden show and CD Les trois éternuements of Julie Bellule and Aude Speller

• Realization of the video Teaser of the show Gronder by Lucas Pizzini


• Creation of the show Toco la Toccata for bandoneon and Logelloop

• Creation of Aléa, sound installation in 3D WFS (order of the festival Les semaines musicales de Quimper)

• Interprets the Bandoneon player (music by Hugues Tabar-Nouval) in a scene from the film Cessez le feu by Emmanuel Courcol (with Romain Duris, Céline Sallette and Grégory Gadebois in the lead roles)

• Homes tour with the show Toco la Toccata

• Presentation of Logelloop during the workshops of the IRCAM Forum

• Trainer for two professional training Logelloop courses (AFDAS)

• Hirisinn Tour of Le P’tit Cirk


• Composition of the musical piece Toco la Toccata for bandoneon and Logelloop (commissioned by the Paris Loop Jubilee festival)

• Recording of the music CD of the Hirisinn show with Yannick Jory

• Artistic advice for the recording of  Les 3 Ours CD by Ingrid Blasco and Guillaume Tahon

• Making ot the Hirisinn video teaser

• Hirisinn Tour of Le P’tit Cirk


P.O.I.S,  PhotoSonore intallation

• First prize at the Festival’s accordion composition competition “Boest an Diaoul” at Quimperlé

• Creation with Yannick Jory of the music of the Hirisinn show for the company Le P’tit Cirk

• Realization of the soundtrack of the film ReVad (Lison De Rider and Paatrice Marchand – HSH)


• Creation of Opium, a 3D / WFS sound installation
• Start of the  Sonophore project with Guillaume Roudot
• Composition of the music of the show “L’R de passage” of Nanda Suc and Coralie Neuville


• Touring Japan in March (this tour was shortened for the unfortunate reasons of the Sendai tsunami)
• Creation of Maneki Neko with Naoki Kita and Christophe Rocher
• Recording and mixing the CD Jean-Luc Thomas and Michel Godard


• Creation of the music of the show Mademoiselle at the edge of the wolf for the company La Bao Acou

• Release of Malenki Minki CD recorded in the prohibited area of Chernobyl
• Composition of the music for En boite, The first short film of Matthieu Paquier


• OstinatO CD released with Yannick JORY
• Creation of the Carlonéon with the scenographer Guillaume ROUDOT
• Composition / interpretation of a music for a CD-book the 3 little pigs (TES / CRDP)
• Sound recording and mixing of the CD by Jean-Luc THOMAS and Yvon RIOU (Label hirustica)
• Creation of the soundtrack for the “2” show of the company P’tit Cirk


• First prize at the Festival’s accordion composition competition “Boest an Diaoul” at Ergué-Gabérig
• Creation of the music for the movie An Andalusian dog, a commission of the festival Le printemps de Lady Mond
• Production of the music and performance of the show Dans la cendre du ciel of the company KF association


• Recording of the CD Mort de rien with Pascal RUEFF and Morgan
• Creation of Shopping show with Marêva CARASSOU
• Realization of the soundtrack and the music of the show Un drole de silence of and by Julien SIMON
• First prize ex-aequo (with Jean FLOCH) in the competition for composition for accordions at the Festival “Boest an Diaoul” at Ergué-Gabérig


• Creation of the Mort De Rien show with Pascal RUEFF and Morgan
• Interpretation of the contemporary work Athina 1976 commissioned to Éric VEOGELIN by the ADDM 22
• Recording and Mixing of the 2nd CD of Michel AUMONT
• Composition of the music of the Tok show with Le p’tit cirk
• Creation of OstinatO with Yannick JORY


• (Since 2005) Teaching sound spatialization in the live performance and learning of Max / MSP at the University of Western Brittany (Master 2 ‘Images and Sound’ ISB)
• Sound creation of Jabadao by Gaby KERDONCUFF (Label hirustica)


• Release of Nebaon! Second CD by Bugel Koar with Marthe VASSALLO (Label an naer produksion)


• Computer and sound production of  Souffles en boucles by Michel AUMONT


• Creation of the music for the CD Bergen Belsen, account of the deportee Yves LEON (Dastum Bro Dreger)


• NEBAON! Second show by Bugel Koar
• European tour of the show Un certain endroit du ventre


• Creation of the music of the show Un certain endroit du ventre of Chloé MOGLIA and Mélissa VON VEPY (Cie MOGLICE VON VERX)


• Release of Ar Solier first CD by Bugel Koar with Marthe VASSALLO (Label an naer produksion)


• Creation of Ar Solier (first show by Bugel Koar with Marthe VASSALLO)
• Production of soundtracks and tour of the show In vitro with the circus ARCHAOS


• Recording of Clarinettes Armorigènes by Michel AUMONT


• Foundation of Bugel Koar with Marthe VASSALLO
• BF15 Release of the CD Primeur


• Sound recording and mixing of Dibenn, CD of the eponymous group (CD an naer)
• Sound creation of the Chant des pierres dans l’eau by Jean-Marie MACHADO (15 pianos and choir)
• Entry into the BF15 group


• Sound designer of the exhibition Wolf Are you there? By Peter K.ALFEANGER
• Sound engineer of Patrick Ewen’s show Récits Barbares


• Sound manager at the Carré magique (scène conventionnée de Lannion)


• Diploma of end of study and obtaining the ‘Grand Prix Son’ (ETPA – Rennes)