(Creation 2021)

Au bord d’un monde is a hybrid creation made up of different interacting parts: OreKosm #1 and #2 (music/dance/video performances), eKor (an outdoor dance and music performance, recreated each time in situ), KorFolium (a Photosonore installation).  The artists, multidisciplinary, bring together their different artistic skills: electroacoustic music, dance, visual arts and creation in a landscape.

Philippe Ollivier plays a repetitive electroacoustic music, with the bandoneon, the Logelloop software and a musical gesture interpretation system. He works on slowness, on the elasticity of sound and music, and seeks sound weightlessness. The distortion of sounds, via elaborate Live Looping systems or granular synthesis that allows reconstructing the envelope of sounds, is a way to modify time. The sound processing is very close to a form of sound sculpture, allowing it to go to the deepest level of organic sound material.

For Noëlle Deffontaines, the stage space is a place of life, of metamorphosis. In dance, she seeks a state of presence to what is, a state of listening and availability so that the body, like a living sculpture, can reveal a part of the invisible. Through slowness, she enters into a suspended time where dance becomes one with the strange and the unknown.

OreKosm, the edge, from the Latin ora, the edge, the edge of an area, usually a forest or a wood, the outer limit of a place, a place where something begins to be… The world, from the Latin cosmos, borrowed from the ancient Greek κόσμος, kósmos, the universe, the infinite, the universe taken as an ordered system. κοσμέω, kosmeo, is to adorn, to adorn, to adorn. OreKosm expresses the idea of placing oneself at the very edge, on the edge of a world, of a strange and changing elsewhere, a world in itself that exists and evolves according to one’s own system, a fine elaboration between music, dance and video, which, through a set of superpositions and interactions, enter into symbiosis.

OreKosm is played in a black interior space. The sound of the electroacoustic bandoneon defines a repetitive, sensitive and minimalist sound space. In the depth of this black, we can gradually see a body, a being made visible by projections of shapes and colors. The video, like an ornament, adorns the dance. It acts as a mask, a bridge to the strange, the dreamlike, the extraordinary, and draws a changing landscape in which dance evolves. The music is multi-diffused, the sounds slide, surround, caress or rub… they envelop the audience and place them with the artists at the edge of this elsewhere.

OreKosm is a transversal proposal, which, while being contemplative, sometimes slow, often stripped down and minimalist, can exacerbate the senses of the spectator placed at the heart of the experience.


Noëlle Deffontaines :  chorégraphie, danse
Philippe Ollivier : composition, bandonéon, logelloop


Création 2019/2020
Duration 40 minutes
All audiences
Sound diffusion possible in Quadriphony, Hexaphony or Octophony (depending on the case)