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Replacement of the thongs of a bandoneon

I am asked where it is possible to find strips to replace those of an old bandoneon. It so happens that I recently needed to change my bandoneon’s thongs and did not take the time to see if it was possible to find them on the canvas. This is probably possible, but certainly more expensive than it really is and it will certainly require a delivery time. So I went…

My Live Looping set up

When we practice Live Looping, we add to the instrumental game, gestures that should not interfere with the interpretation of the music. The choice of the tool is fundamental because it induces an interaction and particular constraints. A musician finds it normal to spend hours choosing and preparing his instrument, practicing … When we start making Live Looping, we must have the same requirement. I propose to explain here the…

My approach to Live Looping

While I am in the USA to play in 2 festivals dedicated to Live Looping : Y2K17 PVD Loopfest and Y2K17 international live looping festival Santa Cruz,  it seems interesting to make a point on my approach to the Live Looping. I notice that my approach to the loop is a bit peculiar and the device I use may be derived from this particular vision. Or, is it my device,…

Applescript and Capture One Pro 10

Capture One Pro is one of the most powerful raw processing software. If, in terms of photographic development, it probably offers the same services as its competitors, it features a really interesting functionality : compatibility with Applescript.

About my Hartenauer bandoneon

This article was previously published in 2010 on a forum devoted to the bandoneon, I put it here up to date.