Logelloop 4.8 presentation

Logelloop 4.8 is the most stable of all versions of the software. It also brings many new features, including : rewriting output routing preferences, better window management, new macro functionality, Audio Unit support, and many more. Download this version by following this link : Logelloop

Tubulus – Video teaser

Tubulus is a gentle musical proposal that envelops the viewer in a sound bath made up of more than 10 speakers distributed around and above the audience… The immersion is total.

SetUp A dance piece about building and death

Setup is a piece about building and its opposites; the processes of forgetting and decaying. It consists of independent scenes that approach the subject from different angles. The dance and music are both present as an equal form of art.

SetUp : Premieres in Turku

The Premières of SetUp took place in Turku, Finland. Find here some photos taken by Reino Koivula.  

TV show about Realtime Looping

Here is an excerpt from the Tracks (on Arte) TV show diffused on Sunday, September 14, 2014. From 6 minutes 29, Logelloop is introduced and we can hear a short excerpt from Toco la Toccata.