Des mots et des murs – Audio walk through the former prison of Guingamp

On the occasion of the renovation of Guingamp prison, which will house Gwinzegal and become an art centre, Céline Larrière, Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Guingamp, asked Julien Simon, playwright, to write an audio walk that would be the result of research in the prison’s archives.

Logelloop 5 is released

Without going back over the whole history of Logelloop, I can tell you that it started in 2002, with the creation of Michel Aumont‘s show Souffle en boucles. The premiere of the show took place in 2003, it was also the day Logelloop was born in a prototype version. Michel established the specifications of the looper part. The idea was to emulate the Oberheim Echoplex , which he had been using until…

Au bord d’un monde (photographies)