2022 USA Tour

Since October 8th, I’m in the USA for a tour that will last more than three weeks and that will make me play in several cities of the country.

During this tour, I will post here pictures, videos and some feedback on what will happen. So don’t hesitate to come back on this page from time to time.

Below, you will find the complete list of concerts, workshops, meetings and conferences.

Residency at the University of Iowa, October 11-16, 2022.
– Wednesday, October 12, 4:30-5:30 p.m. : presentation on “the artist programmer” to students in the course “Digital Arts: an Introduction” (about 48 undergraduate students);
– Thursday, October 13 : morning. Concert at Iowa High School.
– Friday, October 14, 3:30-5pm : presentation at the composition seminar (about 15 master and doctoral students in composition) on “composition, installations, multi-disciplinarity”.
– from Thursday October 13 to Sunday October 16 : three workshops with the Logelloop software on the theme of improvisation and creation mixing acoustic instruments and real-time electronic processing.
– Sunday october 16, 3pm, Opera Studio : concert with Philippe Ollivier and participants of the workshops with Logelloop.


Concerts and conferences at Y2K22 LoopFest – Santaz Cruz – California

  • Wednesday october 19th – Toco la Toccata at Anno Domini Gallery – San Jose – California
  • Friday, October 21 – presentation of Logelloop to the Universal-Audio team at the company’s offices in Santa Cruz
  • Sunday, October 23 – Toco la Toccata headlines at Indexical – Santa Cruz – 7pm


Manhattan – New York

  • Tuesday, October 25 – Presentation of Logelloop and concert at the invitation of Todd Reynolds – Manhattan Conservatory – New York


Providence – Rhodes-Island

With the support of Jazz & New Music, a program of the FACE Foundation and the Villa Albertine, supported by the French Embassy in the USA, the French Institute, the SACEM and the CNM.

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  1. Bernard LORIOU

    Bravo Philippe pour ce magnifique programme aux U.S. ! C’est vrai que tu commences sûrement à être connu là-bas….. En tout cas, ça doit faire plein de rencontres enrichissantes ! Enjoy….

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