eKor is a dance/music/landscape performance that is part of the project Au bord d’un monde (At the edge of a world). This project also includes OreKosm, a performance with video projections that is performed indoors and KorFolium, a PhotoSonore installation.

eKor, is a duet for a dancer and an electroacoustic bandoneon performing in the public space. It is a proposal of living land art that is written and inscribed in a landscape, mineral and wild or chaotic and urban.

Together, Noëlle Deffontaines and Philippe Ollivier want to experience slowness, repetition, they want to modify time or stop it, to imprint the space with sounds and images. By composing with a place and what it contains, eKor is the ambition to change the appearance of a familiar place, to bring a sacred dimension to it, to make the spectator see an elsewhere, a deeper dimension in strong or usual places (a cloister, a beach, a market, a quarry).

Noëlle Deffontaines : choreography, dance
Philippe Ollivier : composition, bandoneon, logelloop

This is a work in progress, the basis of which was created in September 2018 and each version of the performance is different.

The show is possible in different places in the open air or indoors (depending on the proposal). The sound diffusion is possible in Quadriphony, Hexaphony or Octophony.

Duration: two pieces, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.