Some sounds that have not found their place on an official publication, old productions forgotten somewhere in a hard disk, unfinished sound objects, that’s what you find here! Comments and shares are enabled : share, comment!

The adventures of the little rabbit

Electronic music to laugh a little! Sometimes when you start fiddling with sounds (with Logelloop), you get results that can be laughing! You will find here a small series of sounds that I call The adventures of the little rabbit, because the hero of this story is indeed a little rabbit!  

Naoki Kita / Philippe Ollivier

Free improvisation I met violinist Naoki Kita on a tour in Tokyo in 2008. The meeting was strong and we decided to create a Nippo-Breton concert together. Since then, our meetings are rare, but each time celebrated by some concerts. In 2011, we played in the trio Maneki Neko with clarinetist Christophe Rocher. Find here two tracks recorded in public, Natsuda! Is one of my compositions, while Naoki composed Fragment…