We decided to build an artistic project with visual artist Noëlle Deffontaines. The creation began in 2018 and will continue in 2019.

A first assessment of these working sessions suggests that Au bord d’un monde (At the edge of a world) will not be just a show, but a transversal project that may include performances, meetings, exhibitions, installations.

Here is the feedback of the first two research sessions.

The first working session, in September 2018, was dedicated to outdoor work on the coast of Trégor, my living place. The aim was precisely to define the performance framework of dance and electroacoustic music in the public area.

From the beginning, the sounds that I produced gave the feeling of increasing the natural sound space, of coloring it, Noëlle, as for her, seized the mineral material around her and used it as a stage scenography. These improvisations have all been filmed and we have extracted this short video montage.

The second residence took place near Châteauroux, in Noëlle Deffontaines’s workshop, so we had in mind the idea that we did not just want to play Au bord d’un monde on beaches, we had to explore other territories. We were, this time in a white box with a large part of Noëlle’s visual works at our disposal. In the beginning we used the same work process as for our first session.

From the absence of sand, wind, natural sounds appeared a kind of frustration that led us to think about what could be the scenography of Au bord d’un monde in a venue. By examining the artistic production of Noëlle, by exploring her collages in particular, by photographing them closely, they appeared  as an important organic material. This material could be both the scenography and a lighting that would be great for the dance. We then opened a new breach for Au bord d’un monde and we produced a series of photographs, here are some samples.

We also filmed some danced improvisations in these visual textures. Next session in 2019, January. Work in progress!