Bells are part of our daily life, it is the original mechanical music. It is inseparable from the space in which it was rung. It is therefore often associated with emotions anchored in us.

The bells sometimes compose melodies that we hear ringing for particular occasions since our childhood. At school, by ringing the hours, they express the unfolding of the short time, they give rhythm to our lives as children. During ceremonies, they accompany the great passages of our lives. In a children’s game or hung on the neck of the animals that make up the herd, they tinkle in disorder.

I will play a free, improvised performance, and I will revisit all these sound emotions by playing some small bells or the one of the chapel. This time, the bandoneon will be at a distance and the playing instrument will be Logelloop. The techniques used will be, among others, sampling, granular synthesis, loop, micro loop… The sounds will be designed in real time and spatialized on a set of 11 speakers arranged in a circle around the chapel.

The chapel overlooks the city and the countryside, and the sounds produced by the improviser will blend with those usually heard from this place of beautiful listening.

During this performance, the spectator will be able to listen assiduously or dilettante, to enter or leave at any time, to move in the sound space or to rest, to follow his desires…

This performance will take place on Saturday, May 29th from 4pm to 6pm, outside, around the chapel of Notre Dame du Calvaire at La Roche Derrien.  It is part of the Week of Sound organized by the Logelloù which will take place between Saturday May 22 and Saturday May 29, 2021.