Between 11 and 16 August 2017, in response to the invitation of Arno Methivier, I was present at the festival of the Duits, in Orléans. I played acoustic solo bandoneon, Toco la Toccata and made some improvisations with my friends.

When Arno want to describe this event, he says : “La fête des duits” is a multi artistic evenement that takes place on a island of the river Loire and around, in Orleans downtown.”

It was my first fête des duits, here is my modest photo reportage.

For those of you who are interested in a bigger selection, more than 100 images are available for download below (beware, the download will only be available for some time).

(Merci à Camille Simon et Adell Nodé Langlois à qui j’ai confié l’appareil par moment et qui signent quelques unes de ces photos.)


To download all the photos in this series :