With Yannick Jory, we have been playing for fifteen years, we have gone through different repertoires and in 2017, we wanted an acoustic duo to play everywhere, easily.

The duo played regularly, every year, we were sometimes invited back to the same places, we got used to a warm audience wherever we went. And then there were the successive confinements, the silence, the distance. I took the opportunity to change bandoneon. I had to tame this new instrument, which was less supple, more voluminous, but with a denser and softer sound, by fighting against the body’s memory. The music became clearer and thicker.

To get back on the road to concerts, with Yannick, we had to rehearse, go back to the scores, doubt, grumble, argue too, to finally relive this magical moment when the music is there again, free and beautiful from all these adventures.

This summer, the duo will play on the seashore, in a public garden, a private garden, on a small village stage, in a concert hall… we will adapt and share with you the pleasure of being together for a concert.