It is a month of October full of promises of encounters which is announced since at the invitation of Rick Walker and Laurie Amat I go to the USA to play Toco la Toccata and present Logelloop!

Laurie and Rick are the artistic directors of two American LoopFests, Laurie organizes that of Providence and Rick is the artistic director of the Loopfest of Santa Cruz who was the world premiere of all the LoopFests on the planet!

I would be delighted to share with Rick a lecture at the Digital Art Section at the University of California at Santa Cruz on October 20 and I have the honor to be one of the performers of the closing concert of the Festival of Santa Cruz (Headliners Main Festival) on Sunday 22 October.


With the Financial Support of Spectacle vivant en Bretagne and  Spedidam. With a technical support of Koroll Son (Philippe Guillo).