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A Web-blog about accordion

Un petit article, entre information et copinage… Il y a longtemps que je suis avec un intérêt particulier le blog de Michel Rebinguet consacré à l’accordéon. Ce blog s’appelle “L’autre bistrot des accordéons“. Michel y écrit depuis 2008 à propos de tout ce qui peut concerner les instruments de la famille des accordéons, essentiellement les sorties de Cds, mais également à propos de concerts ou de festivals. Si j’en parle ici…

Discount on CDs in December

Christmas is coming … with its rituals of gifts. You probably do not like to offer ridiculous and polluting objects. Remember to offer music from Brittany and CDs made in France! On the occasion of the Christmas period, the CDs are on sale on my website! Their price is only 10 euros for one month. Don’t miss this opportunity!   The shop is here        

Jory Ollivier Akoustik en concert

Le duo Jory Ollivier Akoustik est en concert ce week-end à Lanvellec (22)* et au Chenal, à Porspoder (29) dans le cadre du festival No Border. C’est l’occasion de découvrir ou de redécouvrir notre musique patinée pendant dix années de concerts et de musique de piste avec le P’tit Cirk! Le répertoire du duo est constitué de pièces acoustiques que nous avons composées et arrangées pour le duo saxophone / bandonéon….

Toco la Toccata in the United States

It is a month of October full of promises of encounters which is announced since at the invitation of Rick Walker and Laurie Amat I go to the USA to play Toco la Toccata and present Logelloop! Laurie and Rick are the artistic directors of two American LoopFests, Laurie organizes that of Providence and Rick is the artistic director of the Loopfest of Santa Cruz who was the world premiere…

Some pictures from Mohon!

On September 1 and 2, I was in Mohon, for the second edition of « Le Hangar », a party led by Jacques-Yves Lafontaine and Cécile Pelletier. In this undertaking they were supported by a band volunteers, neighbors and friends, as devoted as they were competent! I was there to take advantage of the presence of many astonishing and talented artists, long-time friends, and also to take some pictures of the festival….

La Fête des Duits – Artistic refreshments

Between 11 and 16 August 2017, in response to the invitation of Arno Methivier, I was present at the festival of the Duits, in Orléans. I played acoustic solo bandoneon, Toco la Toccata and made some improvisations with my friends. When Arno want to describe this event, he says : “La fête des duits” is a multi artistic evenement that takes place on a island of the river Loire and around,…

La veillée (Cie OPUS at La Roche Jagu)

If you have not seen this show yet, run to see it! It’s beautiful, it’s funny, it’s virtuoso! Here are some pictures taken during two consecutive evenings, the first was somewhat curtailed by the rain and the second was totally masterful! Thanks OPUS


I gather here photos gleaned during some parties. Dance, barbecue by the sea… Come back from time to time, there will be new ones.

Welcome to my new website

Dear visitors, Welcome to my new website. This website has a white background that contrasts radically with the black of the previous one. Black which in a certain way corresponded to a period of my creative life, but that it was time to change for a lighter aesthetic probably enhancing my visual productions.

Escales de nuit (Abbaye de Beauport)

In the Cloister of the AbbeyIn front of the Duke’s hallPhilippe Ollivier plays the solo bandoneon in the Duke’hall of the Abbey of BeauportSolene Normant plays in the church of the AbbeyIn front of the Duke’s hallIn the Cloister of the AbbeyPhilippe Ollivier plays the solo bandoneon in the Duke’hall of the Abbey of BeauportOn July 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th and on August 2nd and 3rd, I will participate…