Malenki Minki (CD in download version)



Malenki Minki

Philippe Ollivier : Bandoneon and field recording
11th of May 2008 : Philippe Ollivier enters the forbidden zone of Malenki Minki, Chernobyl, for the first time. Disorientated, he turns to improvisation to express his emotions. All is recorded in this irreversibly-silent expanse of time and space.



This CD contains 10 tracks and lasts 39 minutes. Listen to 5 excerpts right here.
The download version consists in  4 links for a specific formats : MP3, AIF, Wave, AAC (iTunes). Each packages contains the the CD cover, photographs and artworks in PDF or JPG.

La version de téléchargement comprend 4 liens pour un format spécifique: MP3, AIFF, Wav, AAC (iTunes). Chaque paquet contient la couverture de CD, la photographie et les œuvres d’art en format PDF ou JPG.









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