OstinatO (CD in download version)




Philippe Ollivier : Bandoneon, chromatic Accordion, Accordina

Yannick Jeanno Jory : Soprano and Alto Saxophones, Clarinet

Invitée Hélène LABARRIERE : Contrebasse (2, 3, 5, 6, 8)

Ostinato envelopes you instantly, silences the noise of the world, and in a language without words, tells of life, inspiration, the small hours of the morning, great impulses, emotions which fill your heart and make time stand still. Its themes fold and unfold as changing landscapes and restless tides, whose melodies express, in expansive sensitive arcs, something indescribable and rare which could well be the truth.


This CD contains 16 tracks and lasts 41 minutes. Listen to 5 excerpts right here.


The download version consists in  4 links for a specific formats : MP3, AIF, Wave, AAC (iTunes). Each packages contains the the CD cover, photographs and artworks in PDF or JPG.




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